Meet Obi

Meet Obi

Introducing Obi, our all-in-one platform for the entire asset life cycle. Obi enables you to manage quality, compliance, and sustainability variables throughout the entire asset lifecycle. Obi gives you the right tools to manage any project and create a seamless link between the office and the worksite.

Designed for industry professionals; we know the pain that comes with clunky, disjointed software and we are doing our best to make that a thing of the past. The platform is created for every role from Asset Owners, Construction Managers and Project Managers to Designers and Contractors with specific workflows for each role.

Our three core solutions are Design & Construction, Facilities Management and ESG – all the solutions you need in one place.

Design & Construction – With Obi, you can coordinate design and construction deliverables easily and securely.

The Design & Construction industry is in the midst of a major cultural change. Investors, clients, and the general public are holding the industry to account and the demand has never been more sophisticated. Legislation has also shifted across the world and the message is clear; our industry needs to create a safer, more sustainable built environment.

Obi was created to assist our clients in achieving this goal, by clear accountability and making it easier to achieve high performance.

Facilities Management – Automated task management, accessible information and clear communication with stakeholders.

Many CAFM tools can get bogged down in data for its own sake. When Obi decided to develop our facility management tools, we spoke to our clients and focused on their needs. The message was very clear, less administration, greater automation of maintenance tasks, accessible O&M files, clear analytics and simple user interfaces.

ESG – Track and measure sustainable metrics and KPIs for non-financial reporting

With Obi you can track the process of ESG validation against the EU (and incoming UK) Taxonomy. Capture evidence of compliance with technical screening criteria, minimum safeguards and DNSH criteria.

Obi allows our clients to create their own bespoke KPI trackers and scoring systems. They can also set targets against the UN SDGs and other voluntary initiatives. Our tool can also capture key consumption and emissions data to enable our clients to measure and report on the performance of their assets.

Obi’s mission is “Driving positive change for a better built environment” – improving quality, safety, and sustainability in the built environment, by driving culture change. We want to provide users with a simplified user experience, live data analytics and smart field applications which reduce administration and support collaboration. This protects our clients, as workflows are more rigorous, due diligence is demonstrated and behaviours are improved.

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Gabriel Garus

Front-End Developer

Gabriel joined obi® in mid-2022 as a Frontend Developer, bringing years of experience in JavaScript frameworks. He has worked in fin-tech, web agencies, react.js, and WordPress. Gabriel works in close collaboration with the obi® design and back-end teams to improve the user interface and overall user experience.

Originally from Warsaw, Poland, he has been living in Ireland for over a decade. When not coding, he enjoys hiking, listening to good music, reading an interesting book, and spending time with his dog.

Alina Golubeva

iOS Software Developer
Alina joined obi® in 2022 as an iOS Software Developer, working with the obi® mobile application team. She has over 6 years of development experience and has worked in a variety of industries, including smart devices, medicine, travel, and fintech. She graduated from Dagestan State University with a degree in Applied Mathematics and Informatics.

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