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Our industry is changing, as legislation and other key drivers demand that we build and manage better, safer, more sustainable assets. At obi®, we understand that software is only part of the solution. People need to be at the heart of the change we all want to see.

obi® is designed by industry professionals, for industry professionals. We know the pain that comes with clunky, disjointed software and we are doing our best to make that a thing of the past.

Design & Construction

Manage projects and improve performance

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Facility Management

Clear accountability, safer buildings and reduced administration

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Track sustainability metrics and KPIs for non-financial reporting

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The problem

New legislation increasingly requires that we can demonstrate integrity, due diligence, transparency and ethics in the ownership and delivery of assets.

The solution

Obi enables you to manage quality, compliance and sustainability deliverables throughout the entire asset life-cycle on a single platform. We focus on developing tools which; – Drive accountability through automated workflows – Keep our clients informed with live, relevant data – Make it easier to meet ever increasing standards through investments in User Interface and User Experience – Provide a clear history of decision making throughout the entire asset life-cycle.
Created and designed by experts who got tired of using platforms lacking in crucial areas. We created Obi, an easy to use platform, with improved quality and better controls.

Trusted and certified

Trusted by the leading providers and more intuitive to use presenting assists with
delivering improved quality and better controls

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APRIL 16,2022

Gabriel Garus

Front-End Developer

Gabriel joined obi® in mid-2022 as a Frontend Developer, bringing years of experience in JavaScript frameworks. He has worked in fin-tech, web agencies, react.js, and WordPress. Gabriel works in close collaboration with the obi® design and back-end teams to improve the user interface and overall user experience.

Originally from Warsaw, Poland, he has been living in Ireland for over a decade. When not coding, he enjoys hiking, listening to good music, reading an interesting book, and spending time with his dog.

Alina Golubeva

iOS Software Developer
Alina joined obi® in 2022 as an iOS Software Developer, working with the obi® mobile application team. She has over 6 years of development experience and has worked in a variety of industries, including smart devices, medicine, travel, and fintech. She graduated from Dagestan State University with a degree in Applied Mathematics and Informatics.

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