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Obi ESG’s pricing model starts from £3000/€3000* per asset and includes ESG management and reporting tools for unlimited users and data.

Please provide details below, and we’ll send you a customised quote.

*Economies of scale are provided for multiple assets.

With Obi ESG, we can gather all the information needed to navigate complex legislation and demonstrate compliance and performance.
Jessica Crowley, Investment Director, Ardstone.

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Unlimited Users

Never hit user limits with Obi’s ESG reporting tools; add as many users as your projects require at no extra charge.

Unlimited Storage

Projects are often complex and require thousands of documents. Obi offers unlimited sheets and storage, so there’s always enough capacity.

Obi University

Get your users up-to-speed with the Obi University – an on-demand resource for all Obi users to learn at their own pace.

Customer Support

Different levels of support are required depending on your project; talk to us to find the right support level for you.

Customer Success

Our experienced customer success team have one goal- to make your projects a success.

Obi ESG 's quality management tools are excellent and the dashboard reporting tool allows us to analyse data, track performance and make timely decisions.
Michael Gallagher, Senior Development Manager, Ardstone.