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What types of projects/assets is Obi best suited for?

Obi is tailored for diverse project needs through our three specialised products: Obi Inspect, Obi Project, and Obi ESG. Our primary focus is on serving Property Funds, Developers, and Building Inspectors. Obi Project is a project management software for building construction that can be used to track workflow. Obi Inspect provides tools to streamline property inspections, making compliance easier. Obi ESG is a management and reporting platform that gives clear oversight on ESG commitments and progress.

What training resources are available for users?

Our dedicated Customer Success team offers customised training and consultations as well as support for integration and deployment of Obi effectively across your team.

Additionally, our knowledge base provides readily available resources for convenient and accessible learning at any time.

To contact our Support Team, please visit the Contact page.

Why choose Obi over other similar tools?

Obi is a platform shaped by extensive industry knowledge. Catalyst, the parent company to Obi, is a multi-disciplinary consultancy with expertise in technical advisory, ESG, and software solutions, particularly focused on the real estate, property, and construction sectors. Our experience spans working with some of the world’s largest investment and asset managers, real estate funds, property developers, and multinational corporations. This deep industry immersion has enabled us to understand and address the unique needs of our clients and the market, culminating in the development of Obi.

Do you work with companies similar to ours?

Obi is trusted by some of the world’s most innovative companies such as BCP Capital, Gunn and Lennon, LinkedIn, and OFR Consultants.


Check out our product-specific guides on our Obi University knowledge base.

Obi General Navigation

Advice and tips on how to quickly navigate the Obi platform across multiple devices.

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Project Admin

The ins and outs of how to set up your first project on Obi, from permissions to CDE information.

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Project Management

Learn how to manage meetings, issue actions, raise and respond to queries, and generate reports from one dashboard.

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Quality Management

Your guide to navigating inspections, defect management, benchmarking and test planning.

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Design Management

Advice on how to seamlessly coordinate the design process using Obi.

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Document Management

Learn how to get the most out of Obi’s streamlined document management system.

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Obi Inspection App

How to manage inspections and issues via our iOS/Android Obi app.

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Learn how to set up Obi ESG to monitor KPIs, carbon emissions, and indicators.

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Latest Product Updates

Release notes and Product Update Videos.

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Legal Documentation

Copies of our Privacy Policy, Data Protection Addendum, and Fair Usage Policy.

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Service Announcements

Latest service announcements from Obi.

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