Who We Are

quality, safety
& sustainability.

Obi was originally conceived and developed by our parent company, Catalyst, who have extensive expertise in the real estate, property and construction sectors. While working with some of the world’s largest property funds, developers, and investment and asset managers, the Catalyst team developed a deep understanding of client and market needs.

This knowledge formed the basis for Obi, which evolved into a multifaceted platform. Obi is an ESG reporting, site inspection and construction project management software which continues to be refined as requirements evolve. Our ultimate goal is to improve quality, safety and sustainability in the built environment.

Our driving passion for creating a greener and safer future for the built environment is the motivating force behind the Obi platform. We know there is a better way, and hope that through our work, we can instil change.
Jack Dinneen, Head of SaaS Operations, Obi

The Obi Leadership Team

Jack Dineen
Head of SaaS Operations
Jack is the Head of SaaS Operations at Catalyst and Obi. Responsible for the growth of the Obi business, Jack works closely with our clients and internal stakeholders to ensure Obi continues to meet the ever-growing needs of the construction and property markets.
Max Rainey
Head of Sales
Max is Head of Sales at Obi, leading the GTM efforts and driving the commercial growth of Obi. Max has over ten years of experience and started his career in environmental engineering before moving into software sales.
Cassandra Dehlot
Customer Success Lead
Cassandra is Senior Customer Manager for Obi and in her role, she is focused on managing and growing Obi customers.
Ray Coppinger
Chief Marketing Officer
Ray is Chief Marketing Officer at Catalyst, bringing 15+ years of expertise in building marketing teams in high-growth companies. In his role, Ray is focused on helping grow the Catalyst brand and drive demand for our products and services.
Sandra Fives
Chief Strategy Officer
Sandra is Chief Strategy Officer at Catalyst and Obi and brings +10 years’ experience in the energy and sustainability sector. In her role, Sandra ensures that the strategic direction for the company is followed.
Jenny Hurley
Product Owner
Jenny is Obi’s Product Owner, and in her role she works with the Obi product team to ensure that the team deliver the product roadmap and deliver new features and functionality for customers.

Our Values

Do the right thing

One of our core operating principles since our first days working with clients, has been to not make technical decisions for non-technical reasons. This simple maxim perfectly encapsulates the weight we place on doing the right thing. Given the nature of recent failures in our industry, it is something that drives behaviours right across our business.

Be an agent for positive change

We strive to create a positive impact through our actions and are constantly looking for ways to improve and make a difference. We believe that every action we take, big or small, has the potential to create positive change. Working together, we can achieve great things and leave a lasting impact on our built environment.

Always look for improvement

We can only deliver against our other core values if we continue to develop our own skills, knowledge, technology, competence and structures. It will always mean adopting a “growth mindset” and believing that we can improve if we work hard on ourselves, our services and our software. Innovation is at the heart of our business. We innovate not only in our services and software, but also in our business model and organisational model.

Be a great teammate

Being a great teammate means supporting one another when it’s needed and holding each other to account when that’s needed. It means actively listening to feedback and doing our best to make adjustments to our own behaviours (where necessary). It means being approachable and helpful to both internal and external teammates. Where we work with external teams, we exercise empathy and emotional intelligence.