Obi Inspect

Property inspection software to streamline building quality & safety checks

Obi Inspect enables you to raise and resolve issues quickly, reduce risk and improve quality outcomes with accurate, digital inspection processes on site.


Plan all inspections so nothing slips through the cracks

Smart Inspection Scheduling & Issue Assignment

Ensure that inspections for each discipline happen at the right time, with the right frequency using Obi’s automatic scheduling feature. Automatically assign work packages to the right resources and resolve issues quicker.


All the tools you need for complete site inspections

Optimise Site Inspections, Improve Site Productivity

Obi’s property inspection software offers a unique, unified experience across mobile and desktop, tailored to meet the needs of subcontractors, inspectors, and designers when carrying out site-based inspections.

Mobile Apps With Offline Modes

Seamlessly work between site and office with our iOS and Android mobile apps, which can be used offline and synced with the project when back online.

Digital Checklists

Standardise your inspection process with our digital checklists feature, making it easy for you to complete installation and quality checklists on the go.

Inline Mark-up Tools

Highlight evidence and leave no room for uncertainty with Obi’s inline markup capability.


Stay on top of all issues and defects

Issue & Defect

Obi Inspect allows you to raise, track, and manage site observations and issues, ensuring that nothing is overlooked.

Automated Workflows

Automated action tracking keeps relevant stakeholders updated with the status of all actions without the need for manual chasing.


Accelerate decision-making and resolution connected to specific tasks with push notifications.


Stay on track and ensure accountability by setting deadlines for tasks.


Keep clients happy with powerful, easy-to-create reports

Analytics Dashboard & Client Reporting

Get the insights you need to keep your team and their projects on track with Obi’s analytics dashboard. Our property inspection software allows users to generate powerful reports from meaningful insights in minutes.

Automated Dashboards & Analytics

Keep track of your project’s progress with Obi’s automated dashboards, providing you with the insights you need to manage project actions effectively.

Create Client-Ready Reports From Site

Quickly and easily generate professional inspection reports with custom report templates. Showcase your company’s branding and imagery, and share ready-made, professional reports with your clients and project teams.

The time saving is huge.
We use Obi Inspect’s reporting function to collate detailed information and installation reports for over 1,500 sites of the UK’s largest coffee chain, which we were unable to do previously. The time saving is huge.
Jon Reynolds, Project Delivery Manager, Exponential-e.  

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