Obi Platform Overview

One Platform for the Entire Asset Lifecycle

Obi provides a centralised platform for all stakeholders to efficiently develop and manage greener, safer assets.

the property

is critical

Throughout a building’s lifecycle a flood of critical information is created.

Disparate systems
break the flow

Information becomes difficult to structure, share, access and manage.

A central repository
is needed

Accurate, structured, real-time information accessible to all stakeholders.

For safer, greener

Enhancing quality, ESG compliance and sustainability across the asset lifecycle.

Site Inspections

Quickly capture evidence and instantly produce client-ready reports.

Obi Inspect
For Inspectors
  • All-in-one site inspection and quality management app
  • Record, document and report issues from one interface
  • Provide key stakeholders with accurate, complete real-time data
  • Generate professional inspection reports effortlessly
Project Management

Unite stakeholders in a single system for more efficient, transparent projects.

Obi Project
For Developers And Fund Managers
  • Comprehensive project overview with greater transparency
  • Quick access to aggregated data, reports and insights
  • Track multiple assets in one single module
  • Gain detailed insights and reports without having to compile data
ESG Management

Streamline data capture, analysis, and reporting with our ESG software.

For Developers And Fund Managers
  • Gain greater visibility on the ESG performance of assets
  • Aid ESG reporting and documentation management using a real-time portfolio view
  • Centralise ESG data management by consolidating information from multiple sources
  • Track ESG metrics with accurate, real-time information
The time saving is huge.
We use Obi Inspect’s reporting function to collate detailed information and installation reports for over 1,500 sites of the UK’s largest coffee chain, which we were unable to do previously. The time saving is huge.
Jon Reynolds, Project Delivery Manager, Exponential-e.  

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