ESG management and reporting software

Obi ESG has been designed specifically with investment funds, asset managers and property developers in mind. Providing a simple, intuitive interface to track, manage and report on your ESG requirements.


Integrating all your ESG systems and data for the insights you need

Centralised ESG Management

Obi’s ESG reporting software connects with your existing platforms, automatically bringing all relevant data into one single, centralised ESG dashboard.

Global Dashboard

Obi ESG’s dashboard provides a central repository of key ESG metrics at the corporate, fund, and asset levels. Within this dashboard, you will be able to quickly monitor their progress on consumption usage, carbon emissions, indicators (PAIs, Corporate Initiatives) and KPIs (ESG Workstreams and Certifications).


Set, track and manage ESG KPIs in one place

Track KPIs

All ESG KPIs can be set at corporate, fund or asset levels on the Obi platform. This enables progress tracking across the entire portfolio and value chain, delivering real accountability and reliable data.

Monitor Consumption Data

Obi ESG integrates with existing operational management systems to transfer all relevant consumption data, allowing you to capture scope 1,2 and 3 emissions in one place. This provides a singular dashboard to manage all ESG activities, while also enabling key reporting requirements such as SFDR.


Manage commitments from fund to asset level


Indicators enable users to centrally manage commitments at both a corporate/fund level right down to the individual asset level. Track a range of commitments, from Principal Adverse Impacts (PAIs) to corporate-level commitments that have been published in your annual reports.


Create and export reports for your non-financial reporting requirements


A critical component of Obi ESG is providing a centralised location to manage non-financial reporting requirements. The modules within our ESG reporting software have been designed to easily enable the creation and extraction of reports to meet obligations under SFDR, the EU Taxonomy and any future legislation.

Obi ESG 's quality management tools are excellent and the dashboard reporting tool allows us to analyse data, track performance and make timely decisions.
Michael Gallagher, Senior Development Manager, Ardstone.

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Projects are often complex and require thousands of documents. Obi offers unlimited sheets and storage, so there’s always enough capacity.

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With Obi ESG, we can gather all the information needed to navigate complex legislation and demonstrate compliance and performance.
Jessica Crowley, Investment Director, Ardstone.

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