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How Obi Project’s construction document management software helped BCP Capital's Development Managers to simplify and improve decision-making

Secure, centralised information helps us deliver multiple projects efficiently.

James Anwyl, Development Director, BCP Capital

As a sustainability focused real estate investment and asset manager, BCP Capital is focused on shaping the future city. We specialise in investing in under-managed property in supply constrained urban markets, adding value via innovation in sustainable construction technologies.

To some extent, that positions us as a niche development management consultancy, but our development management team can have as many as 10 different projects running concurrently. Inevitably, there’s always a lot of documentation, yet before introducing Obi Project, much of that paperwork was exactly that – paper! This leads us to spend an unnecessary amount of time in the administration and management of physical project documentation.

Fortunately, when Catalyst was appointed Assigned Certifier on one of our projects, we learnt about Obi Project’s construction document management software. Now, we use Obi to capture, schedule and manage documents for all our projects in one central platform. We can instantly access digital assets from all stakeholders across multiple projects. This not only simplifies work for our team but with the ability to capture comments, track submittals, and record approvals, it also makes life easier for project stakeholders.

Balancing up to 10 projects at one time, Obi Project simplifies administrative tasks, ensuring a smooth operational flow.

James Anwly, Development Director, BCP Capital

As a result, stakeholder collaboration has been significantly improved. With easy access to information and reduced admin time, the project team can focus on key decisions while keeping up to date on the status of project activities via Obi’s automated workflows. Whether you need to track decisions, check approvals, or dig into construction documentation – everything is securely held in one place. That means RFIs can be handled swiftly with no additional effort.

Collaborating with stakeholders has never been easier. Obi Project simplifies the log of our journey, making our projects more efficient.

James Anwly, Development Director, BCP Capital

While having such functionality for an individual project is beneficial, it is very helpful to have this capability integrated across all projects. It’s something we noticed other software platforms don’t achieve as easily, but Obi’s construction document management software is purpose-built to offer a central depositary for all assets and their certification, it lowers risk by enabling us to create a ‘golden thread’ of information through each development.

Today, we are using Obi Project for all our developments, from concept to completion. From instructions and notes to technical documents, users can upload directly to the Obi platform. On big projects where you have large consultant teams, being able to streamline information, agree on cost variations, and have meeting minutes and actions all in one central place gives a really clear record as to what is happening, and it ensures everyone is accountable.

When all team members use Obi Project it adds rigour and drives everyone to be disciplined.

James Anwly, Development Director, BCP Capital

For BCP Capital, uniting all stakeholders in a single, powerful system is now an invaluable part of efficient, sustainable project delivery. When the full functionality of the software is put to use, everyone follows the same streamlined process. No matter how complex the project or how many projects we need to manage, this easy-to-use system brings everything together seamlessly.

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