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Leveraging Obi's construction management software for Improved Project Collaboration & Implementation

Obi helped us in our goal to deliver multiple projects in EMEA in a consistent manner

James Fee, Sr. Project Manager, Design and Build (EMEA)

One Wilton Park, completed in late 2022, is a testament to innovation and flexibility in the workplace. This seven-story, 15,000 sq ft landmark development marked a significant investment in shaping LinkedIn’s workplace of the future.

The project involved working with multiple stakeholders across different time zones and getting timely pre- and post-contract approvals with the fitout contractor. LinkedIn engaged Obi’s construction management software during the design phase to implement a project management system to optimise approvals, documentation management, quality tracking and communications.

It’s not just a tool; it’s a platform for effective communication and streamlined project management.

James Fee, Sr. Project Manager, Design and Build (EMEA)

Obi Project enabled a continual flow of information between project stakeholders while providing a structured approach, clearly outlining project timelines, deliverables, and responsibilities. The user functions, including RFI’s, ISO-accredited document management and quality management systems, added efficiencies to the project.

Further to the above, an added benefit for LinkedIn was the ability to host all drawings and specifications on Obi, in addition to transmitting key documents to LinkedIn’s SharePoint site used by the wider organisation, complying with revision control and strict security protocols. Obi’s data is always fully auditable and can be verified for compliance with ISO 19650.

The impact of Obi’s construction management software on the delivery of One Wilton Park was very positive. The platform facilitated improved communication between all parties and kept a clear road map of the project, which will benefit LinkedIn post-occupation in the coming years.

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